The Master

The Master in Software and Systems offers students an overview of cutting-edge research conducted worldwide in the fields of software and systems and aims to whet their appetite for related research lines. The Master's programme is divided into four modules:

  • Software (Software Engineering, Analysis and Verification)
  • Systems (Networked Services and Distributed Systems, Data and Information Analysis and Processing, Virtual Environments and Interaction)
  • Scientific Research and Advanced Topics
  • Master's Final Project

The Master's programme targets holders of informatics-related university degrees.

Organizational details

Why take the master's degree?

  • Because graduates will be awarded an official master's degree recognized throughout Europe entitling them to admission to a PhD programme and to research a PhD thesis.
  • Because it is an opportunity to study at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Informáticos (previously named Facultad de Informática), recognized as Spain's leading higher education institution for informatics.
  • Because it offers students the chance to pursue their doctoral studies as part of the PhD in Software, Systems and Computing programme.
  • Because this is a revamped version of a Master's and PhD programme bearing a Ministry of Education Quality Mention distinction.
  • The Master in Software and Systems was implemented in 2010/11 academic year and it is the result of previous experience in other Masters and PhD programmes. The Computer Languages and Systems, and Software Engineering department, is responsible for the Master teaching. It is ranking as one of the leading UPM departments in terms of scientific output with over 150 PhD theses, we have over 35 years' experience teaching the postgraduate programme, which started up in 1987.
  • The Master in Software and Systems is in the top-ranked master's degree in software in the postgraduate degree ranking published by the daily El Mundo. Additionally, it has been ranked as one of the best of all software master's degrees for the last years: El Mundo 2022, El Mundo 2019, El Mundo 2016, El Mundo 2015, El Mundo 2014, El Mundo 2013, El Mundo 2012, El Mundo 2011.
  • The Fundación Carolina programme has elected to offer scholarships for students from member states of the Organization of Ibero-American States taking the Master in Software and Systems.
  • The UPM has obtained the HRS4R certification.

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