Research Groups and Lines

The lines of research supporting this programme, including the Master and Ph.D. in Software, Systems and Computing, are all being pursued by the research groups of which programme academic personnel are members. All these research groups, listed below, are long-term initiatives and have been officially recognized by the UPM.

  • Human Computer Interaction and Advanced Interactive Systems
    • Programme faculty that are group members: Angélica de Antonio, Jaime Ramírez
    • Research lines: Intelligent virtual environments, virtual and augmented reality; Ontologies and semantics in interactive intelligent tutoring systems; Software agents and virtual agents in interactive systems
  • Logical computing, languages, implementation and parallelism
    • Programme faculty that are group members: Manuel Carro
    • Research lines: Mobile code certification; Resource-aware distributed and parallel computing; Declarative and multi-paradigm language design and implementation; Static analysis and automatic program transformation; Program debugging and verification tools; Optimizing compilation, abstract machines, concurrency
  • Biomedical informatics
    • Programme faculty that are group member: José Crespo, Andrés Silva, Raúl Alonso
    • Research lines: Image processing and analysis; Medical imaging and visualization; Learning; Integration of biomedical databases; Multimedia systems; Artificial intelligence in biomedicine; Biomedical ontologies
  • Data mining and simulation
    • Programme faculty that are group members: Ernestina Menasalvas
    • Research lines: Data mining and simulation; Big data analytics; Neuroinformatics; Image and signal processing and analysis; Optimization
  • Software Engineering
    • Programme faculty that are group members: Natalia Juristo, Sira Vegas, Nelson Medinilla
    • Research lines: Empirical software engineering; Software requirements; Software process modelling; Software usability
  • Quantum information and computation
    • Programme faculty that are group member: Vicente Martín
    • Reseach lines: Quantum simulation of mesoscopic systems; Quantum information and computation; High-performance computing
  • Computing and communications technology
    • Programme faculty that are group members: Loïc Martínez, Aurora Pérez, Juan Pedro Caraça-Valente, José Luis Fuertes, Javier Soriano
    • Research lines: Software development models in software engineering and knowledge engineering; Human-computer interaction: Virtual reality; Agents and web technologies; Learning, multimedia and e-learning; Simulation in sustainable environments; Assistive technologies for disabled people; Internet security; Computer networks-Distributed systems; Data mining
  • Distributed systems
    • Programme faculty that are group members: Marta Patiño
    • Research lines: Middleware; Fault tolerance; Distributed Shared Memory; Distributed databases; Distributed systems; Mobile systems
  • Numerical Simulation in Science and Engineering Research Group.
    • Programme faculty that are group members: Marina Álvarez
    • Research lines: Numerical simulation of glaciers; Glaciological applications of ground-penetrating radar; Geomatics and decision Theory; Computational electromagnetics; Mass balance of glaciers