E-health: Promoting Active And Healthy Ageing

Lecturer (Coordinator):
Elena Villalba
Cristian Moral


First semester




The main focus of this subject is achieving an understanding of the necessary models, techniques and architectures that allow the development of interactive systems in the E-health domain. Topics to be covered include eHealth, eInclusion, co-production of health, empowerment, social innovation, social networks, serious games, and participation in society.


  1. Active and Health Ageing
    1. Course introduction
    2. Definition and frameworks
  2. Clinical perspective. Intrinsic capacity and frailty
  3. Political perspective
  4. Technological perspective
  5. Social and personal perspective
  6. Active and Healthy Ageing Project

Recommended reading

Lecture Theatre


Tuition language


Subject-Specific Competences

Code, description and proficiency level for each subject-specific competence
Code Competence Proficiency Level
CEM1 Examination of the state of the art to identify research problems related to the design, construction, use and evaluation of complex software-intensive sociotechnical systems C
CEM9 Evaluation of the most innovative human-computer interaction technologies and critical appraisal of the contributions to related research problems S

Learning Outcomes

Code, description and proficiency level for each subject learning outcome
Code Learning Outcome Associated competences Proficiency level
RA-EVI-118 Apply techniques for modelling the context of use CEM1, CEM9 C
RA-EVI-119 Evaluate the usability of prototypes CEM1, CEM9 C
RA-EVI-120 Understand how user-centred design methods are used in non-academic environments CEM1, CEM9 S
RA-EVI-121 Apply techniques for designing and implementing prototypes of different fidelity levels CEM1, CEM9 S

Learning Guide

Learning Guide: E-health: Promoting Active And Healthy Ageing