Master in Software and Systems


The Master in Software and Systems covers a broad spectrum of paradigms that provide the groundwork and structure for the software development process and product today. The programme also covers key software engineering issues for which today's software engineers are still looking for satisfactory solutions, such as, for example, software verification and validation techniques or new development methodologies. This degree is geared towards the technologies involved in software and systems development, delving deeply and specializing in a number of issues related to current software and systems research.

In the aftermath of the upsurge of communications networks, software systems are increasingly set up as distributed systems, and new service-oriented approaches to computation are coming on the scene. These are key technologies for this master's programme. This programme takes a special interest in the key role played by software systems as information analysis and processing systems, covering techniques and technologies like data mining or advanced numerical computing and also embracing advanced knowledge discovery techniques, as well as image data analysis issues and efficient algorithms for extracting regions of interest. The programme also probes technologies for building systems with new interactive possibilities, like virtual environments populated by both user representations and intelligent virtual humans, and addresses accessibility-related challenges for people with functional diversity.

The Master in Software and Systems is a necessary cog in the wheel for successfully training qualified researchers in today's world. While the programme aims to specialize students in informatics research generally, it also addresses individual research lines of which programme faculty are national or international leaders, heading recognized Universidad Politécnica de Madrid research groups, managing nationally or internationally funded research projects, publishing in high impact journals and supervising numerous doctoral theses.

The Master in Software and Systems, that was implemented in 2010/11 academic year, is a revamped version of the Research Master in Complex Software Systems Development Technologies, taught from 2006/07 to 2009/10. The Research Master and PhD in Complex Software Systems Development Technologies were an adaptation of the former PhD in Computer Languages and Systems and Software Engineering taught at UPM by the Department of Computer Languages and Systems and Software Engineering since it was set up in the 1987/88 academic year.

As of the 2011/12 academic year, the Master in Software and Systems will be split into two tracks: a general track called Software and Systems and a specialized track called Software Development through Rigorous Methods. All the information about the core subjects and the Software and Systems track is available at this website, whereas the information on the specialized track is hosted on a separate Software Development through Rigorous Methods track website.

Students can opt to take a full track or choose subjects from both tracks. Students will have to certify to having a level of specialization in some fields of work to be eligible to take subjects from the Software Development through Rigorous Methods track. On this ground, students planning to take any such subject shall have to apply by email to for approval before enrolling.

The center (previously named Facultad de Informática) has renamed to Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Informáticos.