Master in Software and Systems

New Trends in Distributed Systems

Lecturer (Coordinator):
Marta Patiño
Valerio Vianello
Rafael Fernández


First semester




This course presents architectures for scalable distributed systems and data management systems: map-reduce, bigtable, data streaming, persistent queues.


  1. Introduction
  2. Data management technologies
    1. NoSQL: key-value, graph databases, document-oriented databases
    2. SQL and NewSQL: column-oriented data stores
    3. Complex event processing/Data streaming
  3. Data streaming
  4. Bigtable. Dynamo
  5. Big data and cloud data management ecosystems design
  6. Performance evaluation. Benchmarks

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Assessment Method

Tuition language


Lecture Theatre


Subject-Specific Competences

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This table shows the code, description and proficiency level for each subject-specific competence

Code Competence Proficiency Level
SSC2 Analysis and synthesis of solutions to problems requiring innovative approaches to the definition of the computational infrastructure, processing and analysis of heterogeneous data types S
SSC4 Analysis and evaluation of several software-based systems construction and management engineering paradigms and approaches S
SSC6 Investigation of the main active research lines in the field of distributed computing paradigms, their practical applications and necessary infrastructure management S

Learning Outcomes

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This table shows the code, description and proficiency level for each subject learning outcome

Code Learning Outcome Associated competences Proficiency level
RA-SRSD-1 Awareness of the principal distributed systems research lines SSC2,SSC4,SSC6 S
RA-SRSD-2 Ability to locate and identify seminal articles on the distributed systems research field SSC2,SSC4,SSC6 S
RA-SRSD-3 Ability to study and analyse a new distributed systems research area SSC2,SSC6 S
RA-SRSD-4 Ability to relate an emerging distributed system research line to the foundations of distributed systems SSC2,SSC6 S
RA-SRSD-5 Ability to identify the principal challenges addressed by an emerging distributed systems research line SSC2,SSC6 S
RA-SRSD-11 Awareness of the main data replication protocols and of correctness processes and criteria SSC2,SSC4,SSC6 S
RA-SRSD-12 Ability to understand research articles on the distributed systems research field SSC2,SSC6 S

Learning Guide

Subject learning guide for New Trends in Distributed Systems