Master in Software and Systems

Advanced Topics on Computer Security

Lecturer (Coordinator):
Manuel Carro
Juan Caballero
Boris Köpf
Dario Fiore
Alessandra Gorla


Second semester




This subject will focus on the reading and presentation of research papers in the area of computer security. The research papers will encompass both foundational papers, i.e., papers that laid the groundwork for current security techniques and defences, as well as research papers on contemporary computer security research topics. The papers will encompass the sub-areas of applied cryptography, systems security, and software security.

Students taking this course will:

Learning Goals


  1. Selection of research papers depending on the topics agreed upon with the students.



Assessment Method

Tuition Language


Subject-Specific Competences

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This table shows the code, description and proficiency level for each subject-specific competence

Code Competence Proficiency Level
SSC2 Analysis and synthesis of solutions to problems requiring innovative approaches to the definition of the computational infrastructure, processing and analysis of heterogeneous data types S
SSC7 Evaluation and application of diverse mathematical and statistical theories, and available knowledge extraction and discovery processes, methods and techniques for large data volumes A
SSC8 Application of the theoretical and mathematical foundations of heterogeneous functions and data processing and analysis and evaluation and design of related methods for application in practical domains A

Learning Outcomes

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This table shows the code, description and proficiency level for each subject learning outcome

Code Learning Outcome Associated competences Proficiency level
RA-APDI-4 Be familiar with examples of real applications and research trends and lines SSC2, SSC7 S
RA-APDI-6 Select and apply optimization methods to specific problems SSC8 A

Learning Guide

Subject learning guide for Advanced Topics on Computer Security